History of the Liaoning Whowin F.C

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Liaoning Whowin F.C. is a professional association football club of the Chinese Super League who plays at the 24,000-seat Shenyang Tiexi Stadium in China's sports capital Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China have one of the dirtiest set of fans and players in the CSL. When things don't go the clubs' way, they start throwing tantrums. The club's predecessor was called Liaoning Football Club and they played in the top tier where they won several league titles as well as the 1989-90 Asian Club Championship when they beat Nissan Yokohama making Liaoning FC to date, the only Chinese club to have won an Asian club championship. The current football team was established in 1995 to be an entirely professional football club, however they have struggled to maintain the same success. Their current head coach is Ma Lin and their main investor is Huludao Hongyun Corp.
Name history

 1959-1992 Liaoning
1993 Liaoning Dongyao
1994 Liaoning Fast East
1995 Liaoning
1996 Liaoning Hangxing
1997 Liaoning Shuangxing
1998 Liaoning Tianrun
1999 Liaoning Fushun
2000-2001 Liaoning Fushun Tegang
2002 Liaoning Bird
2003 Liaoning Zhongshun
2004 Liaoning Zhongyu
2005-2007 Liaoning FC
2008-Current Liaoning Hongyun (Whowin)